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Quakeworld (Co-Op Edition)

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Quakeworld (Co-Op Edition)

We’ve just pushed out the last of our Quakeworld images for Raspberry Pi, Quakeworld (Co-Op Edition). With this we have achieved our goal of having servers for Deathmatch, Capture The Flag (Classic) and Co-Op all available on your local area network using a Raspberry Pi device! We are delighted to have Co-Op play available in time for Quake‘s 20th Anniversary next month, though this one proved to be the most challenging yet.

You will require the FULL version of Quake to play this one, or at the very least copy pak0.pak and pak1.pak from a legit copy into your Quakeworld client directory (we tested this with nQuake, worked very well).

The image has been also tested with 2 players working together on the first few episodes, but should work fine with more players and right up to the last level (let us know your own experiences in the comments section).

Useful notes: In the original Quake, ‘Drop Backpack’ is impulse 20, ‘Drop Current Weapon’ is impulse 21. Eg. Typing

bind b "impulse 20"

at the console SHOULD allow you to drop a backpack (containing 20 ammo of the current weapon) with the B key, and your co-op partner can then pick up some much needed supplies. However, you can’t drop the axe or single-shotgun with impulse 21. These drop features have not been fully tested and are detailed here for information only.

As usual, have fun!

Time to start organising your Quake LAN Party for June 22nd… which image will YOU download and use?

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