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Quake On LAN allows even the most novice user to run a proper Quakeworld server on their LAN using a low power Raspberry Pi (Model B or Raspberry Pi 2/3).

Long gone are the days when you needed a noisy, expensive, dedicated server and a degree in Networking Technology to arrange some free for all fun for you and your friends!

No new code was written for this project. It is simply a bundle of pre-existing software pre-installed and pre-configured for your convenience (all wrapped up in some simple scripts and a cron job). Now starting your own QW Server at home is literally a “plug and play” experience.

Organising a LAN Party was messy and complicated 20 years ago!

Remember all the fun you used to have playing Quakeworld online? Get ready to to do it all again, right on your own home network! Also, see our downloads page for details of other game servers on your Raspberry Pi.

Quake On LAN Features

  • True “black box” solution. There is no access to the system at all, because you do not need it!
  • Based on Debian Linux, so very stable
  • Uses one simple QW binary, FTEQW to power the game server. Also uses the fully compatible GPL’d deathmatch maps
  • Proper map rotation with fraglimit/capturelimit and timelimit set for old school server feel (no matches, modes etc to configure – just connect and play)
  • Uses very little RAM (<32 MB)
  • Support for up to 16 players in full Deathmatch, Co-Op or CTF mode. Recommend 6-8 players for a good, fun game without issues
  • Just as fast over wireless as wired. As long as the Raspberry Pi is physically connected to the router by network cable, you are good to go!
  • Upload custom maps by anonymous FTP and vote for them in-game
  • Server will return to default settings on reboot of device
  • Listed as one of the best Raspberry Pi projects of 2015 by The Guardian newspaper online!

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Quake On LAN is in no way affiliated with id Software.