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Quake 20th Anniversary

Quake 20th Anniversary

We’re about one week away now from the 20th Anniversary of Quake and you really need to start thinking… how am I going to mark this momentous event? Not sure? We thought so, so here are some ideas!


Get your ass to QuakeCon

QuakeCon is not only the largest BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) LAN party in all of North America, it’s also one of the longest-running in the country. QuakeCon started back in 1996 among a group of friends on IRC and has blossomed into one of the most elite gaming conventions in the country. QuakeCon 2016 takes place in Dallas, TX from August 4 – 7. This year will be a very special event as Quake is now 20 years old AND there’s a new Doom game out on PC.

Set up your own LAN event

Really, it’s not that hard any more. All you need are a few laptops (they don’t even need to be high spec), pizza, beer and Quake On LAN (this is what we’re doing ourselves this weekend). You can play co-op, deathmatch or CTF – depending on which version you grab.

Play some bots

No friends? Like REALLY no friends? Still not as problem. There a are a multitude of bots out there that can play multiplayer Quake. Probably the easiest to set up would be the frogbot that comes built into nQuake. Seriously, it’s ridiculously easy to get a match up and running.

Play the Single Player Campaign… again!

As if you haven’t played through all 32 levels of Quake a million times already, you could make it a million and one! But not play it this time like you would have in 1996? For me, this would involve running the ezquake.x11 binary in my ~/nquake directory, and setting the resolution to 640×480. I might just do this tonight for kicks 🙂


So what will YOU be doing on June 22nd to mark Q20? Let us know in the comments….

RawShark has been dabbling in all things Quake since day one. He has reviewed maps, written mods, hosted servers, hacked code and even played a few games. These days he comes up with solutions for people sitting at home yearning for a blast from the past...

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  1. Naata
    Hi - sorry to ask this question in comments, but I was unable to find any contact info. What's the default login:password for quakeonlan.img? I tried default Debian, and Raspbian and the won't work. I need to access root shell, because my Raspberry pi is using WLAN for connection, and I can't use cable.
  2. RawShark
    If you can't use cable, then you can't use QuakeOnLAN - it's one of the requirements. However, I will post a blog post in the near future explaining how to build your own image. This is likely best, as we keep getting asked for login details to OUR image, which we will not be giving out. Keep eye on the blog page.

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