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OpenArena Server on Raspberry Pi

OpenArena Server on Raspberry Pi

OpenArena is a free and open-source first-person shooter (FPS) computer game based heavily on the Quake III Arena-style deathmatch. In fact, the first release of OA was the day after the Quake III source code was GPL’d. All content in the game is “free”, meaning you do not need to make a single purchase to play, you just download the latest client and connect to a server (in this case, the one running on your Raspberry Pi).


We’ve built our latest RPi image using (the completely free) OpenArena packages found in the Debian repositories. The server binary being used is the incredibly versatile ioquake3 engine. If you write the quakeonlan-oa image to a 4GB SD card (it wouldn’t fit on 2 GB like all the others) and power up your RPi as usual, you can see the game server pop-up under MULTIPLAYER in the OpenArena client menu on your PC (make sure the Raspberry Pi is connected to your router with a physical ethernet cable before booting up, like in the photo).

Physical setup required for server to run!

Bots will populate the game and keep you busy until some other players arrive. We’ve added a decent enough map cycle with a good mix of maps too (you can vote for changes, and the standard rconpassword of “quakeonlan” is included for admins).

Because OpenArena is a current project, unlike all the other images, we cannot guarantee how future-proof this one is. Will future clients work with it? We’ll have to wait and see… meanwhile, have fun!

RawShark has been dabbling in all things Quake since day one. He has reviewed maps, written mods, hosted servers, hacked code and even played a few games. These days he comes up with solutions for people sitting at home yearning for a blast from the past...

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  1. Leo
    Hello. Nice distro, works out of the box! I've only one question: what are the credentials to login over ssh? Default raspbian's pi:raspberry doesn't work..
  2. RawShark
    Hi Leo, thanks for your comment. But it's not a new distro, it is regular Raspbian Server Edition (http://sirlagz.net/tag/raspbian-server-edition/) with OpenArena (or your chosen server) pre-installed. However, we have disabled SSH access, as this is not for development or any other purposes - just plug in to your router and play. You don't even connect a keyboard or screen...
  3. Leo
    Thanks for the reply, I know i just have to plug & play. I'm actually interested in logging in (with keyboard) to take a look at the config files, because i tried installing OpenArena on raspbian on my own but i failed something. Raspbian Server edition should have default pi:raspberry credentials, but those do not work with your image. May you confirm credentials are invalid? On a side note, did you use the raspbian openarena-server package or something else?
  4. RawShark
    The default Raspbian credentials have been removed, yes. OpenArena was installed like so

    sudo apt-get install openarena-data openarena-server
    wget http://www.berryterminal.com/dl/openarena-rpi_0.8.5_armel.deb
    sudo dpkg -i ./openarena-rpi_0.8.5_armel.deb

    The server.cfg config file we wrote ourselves, and also called from an autoexec.cfg file in the game directory AND the home directory as it is unclear which OpenArena gives precedence to. This is likely where you are failing. If you still have issues, I can of course throw together an image for you with the default Raspbian credentials :)
  5. Leo
    Thanks for your help, that was exactly where i failed! I duplicated some cfg files and now it's working. I made some tests changing the hostname in every cfg file, and the only one influencing the name of the room was "/usr/lib/openarena-server/baseoa/server.cfg" so i think this is the one. Also, i did not needed to install openarena-rpi, only openarena-server (which includes openarena-data as dependence)
  6. RawShark
    Glad you got sorted Leo :)
  7. symbios
    Hello,great work,can you please make an image of the open-arena game only to auto-boot o the game the time you open the raspberry pi on? Thanks
  8. symbios
    I can install the game my self (Open-Arena) but i don`t know how to make it auto-start/auto-boot,so if you don`t have time to make an image can you at least tell me how to do that? Thanks
  9. RawShark
    I don't really understand why you just don't use the image we provided? What does it not do that you need it to do?
  10. symbios
    Thanks for the quick response,what i mean is that i want the open-arena game it self to play it on the raspberry, not the open arena game server.
  11. RawShark
    ..and you want it to autostart when the pi boots up to the desktop? What distro are you using for this? does it have a desktop (with icons and stuff?)
  12. symbios
    Yes that`s what i want,so far i did it on the Raspbian desktop,but i think is better to do it in the no desktop version of raspbian the Raspbian lite is it possible to install it on the lite with autostart?
  13. RawShark
    I do not think this will work. Without the desktop files, the will not be able to talk to your speakers, mouse or use the video drivers. Even if you had a proper startup script (which I could help you with) it would FAIL, complaining about missing files. you need to use Raspbian desktop, and you need to have it autologin for any attempt at this to work. Then what do you want to do? You want the game to launch and go to the menu? Or do you want it to launch a listen server, populate with bots, and drop you into the game?
  14. symbios
    I want the game to launch to the menu.thanks
  15. RawShark
    Then simply follow the steps at http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2014/05/how-to-autostart-apps-in-rasbian-lxde-desktop/ and use "OpenArena" for the application name. That's how I would do it. Did you even Google this? Most things are out there if you search hard enough.
  16. symbios
    Yes i searched for it,and what i did is autostart the game when it boots to desktop but when i exit the game and shutdown the raspberry the game starts again instead of shutdown the raspberry.
  17. RawShark
    LOL! Sounds like you broke something. Install Raspbian from scratch and use the method in that link I sent. Should work.
  18. symbios
    looks like it,thanks,and something else whenever you have time can you make a Assault Cube v1.2 Server image?
  19. RawShark
    That's a good idea - will look into that for you :)
  20. RawShark
    Why are you making me do work you have already apparently done? https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=78&t=96948

    Please provide an image of what you have done so far, or least a zipped version of the game directory, and we will produce an image for you with a server cfg and autostart on boot enabled... that's only fair. We will also credit you in the README file for your contribution.

    You could have mentioned previous work done by yourself on an Assault Cube image....
  21. symbios
    Hello,its the old v1.1.and on raspbian wheezy i cannot do the v1.2 its difficult,so the image i have its too big to upload and its outdated it has the raspbian wheezy, wont work on raspberry pi zero or 3
  22. RawShark
    I only need the server binary file, the one you compiled. I'll do the rest. You can attach to an email and send [email protected]
  23. symbios
    apparently you don`t mean this files,i was confused,can you tell me the name of the file if its possible to find it?
  24. RawShark
    Given that you successfully compiled Assault Cube for the RPi, or managed to track down a version for the RPi, I need the files from the bin_unix subdirectory on your Pi… if you have them at all. Mount your SD Card and zip up these particular files, then email to me.
  25. symbios
    it`s been over a year that i did it and totally forgot some things,ok i found them sending them now
  26. symbios
    Hello,i managed to make at last opearena autorun at startup it wanted the second method with operarena without capital letters,thanks any progress with Assault cube Server??
  27. RawShark
    Still waiting on your compiled binary. I'm not going to all that trouble if you've already done one. Please put in Dropbox or Google Drive and send a link (attached binary file in an email will likely be spammed).
  28. symbios
    Hello i had send with the email days ago the unix folder you asked for,its not enough?
  29. symbios
    ok,here is the google drive link https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-8SzpXB-w-WVC1HVG15MVpUQjQ
  30. RawShark
    Most likely blocked by spam filter (makes sense). Got Drive link, will make a look on this today. Gonna assume the file "native_server" is your compiled binary, as the timestamp is newer than the rest. No guarantee this will work out btw, and it's not high on my priority list (project is mainly to provide QUAKE on RPi, not other, similar games).
  31. symbios
    No problem i can wait thanks
  32. RawShark
    Here you go: http://www.quakeonlan.net/assaultcube-server-1-2-0-2-raspberry-pi. Had to compile myself, your version was too old for the latest client to connect to.
  33. RawShark
    Amazing that ppl don't say thank you after do much work is put in on their behalf. Talk to you @symbios

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