Header Image - Quake On LAN


  • Download the file and extract quakeonlan.img (it’s BIG, be patient)
  • Install the image to an SD Card (2GB minimum) as you would any other Pi image. For example, on Linux run dd if=quakonlan.img of=/dev/sdc bs=4M (if /dev/sdc is the SD Card mount point). This command can take considerable time to run, so again, be patient. Make sure the SD Card is NOT mounted when using DD
  • Connect first the network cable from your router LAN port, and then the 5v power required to boot the Raspberry Pi. You do not need keyboard, mouse or screen
  • Wait a few minutes then scan your LAN. The connection details should appear for your network
  • No server found? See the FAQ

Quake On LAN is in no way affiliated with id Software.