Header Image - Quake On LAN

Quake On LAN Features

  • True “black box” solution. There is no access to the system at all, because you do not need it!
  • Based on Debian Linux, so very stable
  • Uses one simple QW binary, FTEQW to power the game server. Also uses the fully compatible GPL’d deathmatch maps
  • Proper map rotation with fraglimit/capturelimit and timelimit set for old school server feel (no matches, modes etc to configure – just connect and play)
  • Uses very little RAM (<32 MB)
  • Support for up to 16 players in full Deathmatch, Co-Op or CTF mode. Recommend 6-8 players for a good, fun game without issues
  • Just as fast over wireless as wired. As long as the Raspberry Pi is physically connected to the router by network cable, you are good to go!
  • Upload custom maps by anonymous FTP and vote for them in-game
  • Server will return to default settings on reboot of device
  • Listed as one of the best Raspberry Pi projects of 2015 by The Guardian newspaper online!

Quake On LAN is in no way affiliated with id Software.