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This FAQ is written mainly for the Quakeworld image. While some other games don’t allow you to browse the LAN, most CAN connect to local servers via the client MENU system. So if all else fails, and you are playing something other than Quakeworld, try accessing the multiplayer menu and search for a local game…


Q. I’ve booted up my Raspberry Pi, but the webpage says “No Raspberry Pi Server has checked in from your LAN yet”

A. First, scan again. Also, do this from a laptop or PC browser, NOT a mobile device (they work differently). Then make sure you have followed the above installation instructions exactly, and that DHCP is available on your network (it usually is, and is usually provided by your broadband router). Be sure you have also given the Raspberry Pi time to boot up and that the network cable was connected before power up. Still no server? Power cycle the Raspberry Pi and try again. That usually does the trick.

Q. It’s still not working!

A. Make sure that you are using the correct image for the correct device. Our images are fully tested on Raspberry Pi Model B, Raspberry Pi Model B+, Raspberry Pi 2 Model A and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. They SHOULD also work on Raspberry Pi 3. Also check your SD Card is not corrupted or faulty (try using a different one). Finally, temporarily disable all firewall software you might have running on your network to see if that is causing the issue.

Q. Okay, got it. Now what client do I need to connect?

A. You can use any Quakeworld client you like, we like FTE Quakeworld ourselves. A list of actively maintained clients is found here. For complete beginners, nQuake makes things an awful lot easier.

Q. How do I actually connect to the server and play? I’m a total n00b!!

A. No problem (but we are starting to get slightly irritated). Once your IP address is displaying above, you can drop the console in your Quakeworld client (normally by hitting the tilde ~ key or sometimes the one that looks like ¬). Now type connect <ip address>. For example, if a scan tells you your server is at, then you type connect and wait a minute while the connection is established.

Q. Hold on.. I can see several other players with the same name as me, but really high pings. Who are these ghost players?

A. This can happen if you try to connect to the server (unsuccessfully) while it is still booting up. Don’t worry, these connections will timeout and disappear after a few minutes. Next time wait just a few minutes longer before connecting with your client.

Q. This is cool! Now I want to change the map and/or the timelimit and/or the fraglimit on the server. Let’s get serious with this thing….

A. Use the rcon password to issue server admin commands. Maps you can load are listed in the README. Anything else, Google is your friend… ie. go away and just play already!

Q. I need support!

A. No you don’t. If you followed all of the installation instructions correctly and read this FAQ fully, but STILL have no success then you are behind a proxy server, have no DHCP or you are an idiot (sorry, but it happens). We can’t really help you with any of these, especially the last one. However, there are plenty of other options to getting a QW Server running on your LAN. Again, Google is your friend…


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