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Popular Quakeworld Clients

  • ezQuake – Actively developed and feature rich QW client
  • FTEQW – QW engine which also supports NetQuake, Hexen II, and Quake II/III
  • fodQuake – Alternative to ezQuake, lightweight
  • ProQuake – ProQuake is a faithful WinQuake style Quakeworld client incorporating several common sense features
  • Mark V – Does many things and tries to do each of them very well. Impressive!
  • FTEDroid – Android client, if you want it

There is also nQuake, but it isn’t really a Quakeworld client, rather a bundled version of ezQuake and other stuff to make life easier for new players. Also worth considering is freeQuake if you want to use an Open Source client and 100% GPL’d content.





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