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Note that all other games use ingame browsers to find local games.

Quake On LAN allows even the most novice user to run a proper Quakeworld server on their LAN using a low power Raspberry Pi (Model B or Raspberry Pi 2/3).

Long gone are the days when you needed a noisy, expensive, dedicated server and a degree in Networking Technology to arrange some free for all fun for you and your friends!

No new code was written for this project. It is simply a bundle of pre-existing software pre-installed and pre-configured for your convenience (all wrapped up in some simple scripts and a cron job). Now starting your own QW Server at home is literally a “plug and play” experience.

Organising a LAN Party was messy and complicated 20 years ago!

Remember all the fun you used to have playing Quakeworld online? Get ready to to do it all again, right on your own home network! Also, see our downloads page for details of other game servers on your Raspberry Pi, including the ever popular Minecraft!

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Quake On LAN is in no way affiliated with id Software.